The tool your
organization needs to
manage environmental
information and
measure its impact in a
personalised, continuous
and autonomous way.
Reduce the
environmental impact
of your organisation
by pursuing real,
reliable, accredited
and measurable
How does
it help you
become more
Do you know which of your activities has the greatest environmental impact? The first step towards improving sustainability is the analysis of the initial situation by measuring the environmental impact. With the information obtained, opportunities for improvement are identified and strategies to reduce environmental impact are defined and implemented.
What does
it calculate?
Carbon Footprint and
Life Cycle Analysis
ISO 14064
third party verified
Water footprint
ISO 14046
third party verified
15 GRI indicators
What results
does it
The èdit tool allows different types of results to be extracted in different formats: global and specific results, comparative and aggregated results, and results for reporting, displayed in exportable tables, graphs and Excel spreadsheets.
How to
The first year requires the hiring of a consultancy project for the customisation of the tool, together with the licence fee.
From the second year onwards, the costs will consist of the licence fee and the consultancy project fee, which will vary depending on the support required by the company from inèdit.